Associate's Degree

An Associate’s Degree is a degree awarded for the completion of what would be considered the equivalent of two years of a four year undergraduate university program. Individuals who pursue an Associate’s Degree are generally either attempting to improve their academic standing from high school so that they can enter a bachelor’s program upon completion of their Associate’s Degree or they are hoping to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Benefits of an Associate's Degree

The benefits of an Associate’s Degree are that usually class schedules are amenable to individuals who work full time, providing night, weekend or distance learning classes. Additionally, students are often able to take classes that are concentrated in their major area of study rather than taking a lot of general education classes in addition to their major course of study. Because Associate’s Degrees require only two years of study, costs incurred are usually significantly less than those incurred for higher levels of education. Holders of Associate’s Degrees have a leg up on the competition for jobs and pay over those holding a high school diploma or less. Thinking of continuing your studies but don’t have time for a four year program? An Associate’s Degree might be right for you!