Child Care Courses

Child care courses are a great way to prepare for a career in childcare, to improve childcare skills and to obtain state certification or licensure in childcare. Childcare courses cover topics such as child psychology, development, child cognition, communication, CPR, first aid, language and conflict resolution techniques. Understanding child development and psychology assists child care workers in setting appropriate expectations for child social behavior and classroom skills. Conflict resolution skills benefit children and child care workers in producing more effective interaction when conflicts arise.

Childcare workers spend the majority of their time interacting with children via play, basic language and mathematics education, task guidance and assistance, and assisting children in the development of appropriate social skills and manners. Because working in childcare requires so much interaction with children, it is important that childcare workers enjoy working with children. All the education and child care courses in the world will not substitute for this foundational starting point.

Requirements for people working with children vary by state and specific type of childcare. Check with your state and county to determine what type of education or licensure you need to become a childcare worker.