CPA Course

Thanks to technology, it has become easier than ever for CPAs to reach their annual continuing education requirements. Instead of tracking down the right combination of classes you must take to fulfill your hours or taking that last minute drive to a college campus three hours from your home to complete all 40 hours at once, you can simply go online and search the course guides of various schools and educational companies to find what you are looking for.

CPA courses offered are not limited to one area. There are a number of general accounting and auditing classes, information technology, financing for managers, asset protection, and much more. You can select an individual course, or for around $250-$350, you can purchase a course combination CDs where you can find a selection of classes that covers as many as 680 CPE hours.

Available CPA Courses

Make certain that any course you take meets the interactive standards set forth by the AICPA and the NASBA before enrolling. Before you commit to a class, you should be sure of your state board's specific CPE requirements for licensure. This can save you from wasting time working on a course that you can't apply to your license.

Once you are ready to sign up for your CPA course, you can view full descriptions of available classes. Courses ought to be created to reflect the current state of the industry and to incorporate any changes that have been made recently, or any that are being proposed. You can find 1040 workshops, basic business essentials, and industry reviews. There are even courses for specialists who deal with family, corporate, or entrepreneurial tax issues.