The two major concerns most CPAs have when ordering computer CPE courses are how fast they can get the course and how fast is the turnaround for certification. If you look, you can find classes that ship materials on the same day they are ordered or offer downloadable versions of the class. It's even possible to find courses that allow you to take and submit your tests online, so you can receive a printable certificate instantly. There has never been an easier way to complete your CPA CPE!

Misplaced Your Certificate?

Need a copy of a certificate that you've misplaced? That's easy--if you take an exam with an online exam system that allows you to instantly print your certificate, you can easily return and print out another copy of any of your certificates instantly--even years later. Be sure to inquire as to how long a particular educational company maintains a copy of all of your certificates before registering!

Some course guides are extensive and may vary within each state. It's important to verify that all courses you are considering are created by CPAs and educators, and all of the materials used are extremely popular and respected among industry professionals. Some classes will cover two hours of continuing professional development, while other courses take care of all of your annual 40 hours. Check out reviews of industry courses, asset protection and tax strategies classes, guides to investing, family tax planning, and any other classes you are considering before enrolling.

Multi-Course Combinations

Multi-course combination CDs allow you to explore CPE classes in a variety of categories. You can find courses that cover accounting/auditing, taxation, and management. It's possible to find several different course combos to meet your needs that can be purchased for under $350. Most focus on a specific subject, but you can find a multi-course CD that offers classes from a variety of subjects.

Be sure to see for how long courses are good after you have purchased them. You can use combination CDs to fulfill your CPE credits by taking courses that you are actually interested in. You can also use them as reference materials on a number of different subjects.