CPA Education

CPA education is an ongoing process. The majority of states in the U.S. require CPAs to accrue 40 hours of continuing education each year in order to keep their licenses. Many CPAs see these classes as nothing more than a necessary evil, but there are courses out there that can be stimulating and can prove to be beneficial in a CPA's day-to-day work.

When looking for courses to take, it's important to find providers that consistently design courses that are innovative while serving a practical purpose. Regardless of what area of accounting your role as a CPA has led you into, you can find a class that you will find beneficial. Online catalogs cover a large number of categories, and there are usually several classes within each, so you can find a class specific to your line of work or one that takes on an issue that affects all CPAs.

Online CPA Education

There is a good chance that you have developed a negative attitude towards continuing CPA education, because accumulating the required hours simply cuts into your already busy work schedule. Thankfully, it's now possible for you to take your classes on your own time. Many courses can be downloaded or ordered on CD-Rom, so you never have to leave your home to knock out your CPE hours. You can often even take the exam online. When you order a course online, you may have a up to a year, depending on the program, to complete the course if your own deadlines don't interfere. You can take it as quickly as possible though, if you are pressed for time.

There are individual courses for as little as $50. Classes that account for more of your CPE hours will cost more, but you can find even the longest courses for under $300. If you look, you can also find CDs that feature a combination of courses. Hundreds of hours of CPE classes are available on these discs, so you can take all of the classes you want or need for one set price.