Doctorate Degrees

Doctorate Degrees are awarded by universities to students completing the highest level of academics. Generally, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees precede Doctorate Degrees, but in some cases, students can progress directly from Bachelor’s level study to Doctoral level studies. Some professions require the completion of Doctoral level studies in order to obtain licensure to practice in that field. For example, Doctorate Degrees are required in the United States to become a licensed medical doctor, licensed psychologist and a licensed pharmacist.

Doctoral programs usually require two to four years of study beyond the Master’s level with a focus on research. Doctoral students are almost always required to complete a research thesis paper of substantial depth in addition to coursework to earn their degree. Thesis papers at the doctoral level often involve conducting controlled studies or intensive literature reviews which frequently amount to a book of a hundred pages or more!

Because of the extensive amount of work and study involved in the acquisition of a Doctoral Degree, it is considered the most prestigious degree and positions individuals who hold these degrees for entrance into almost any career at a more than adequate pay grade.

When considering pursuing a Doctorate Degree, it is important to factor in the cost, time and intense focus required. Understanding the requirements of the program in all of these aspects is essential for successful completion.