Economics Degrees

Economics is the application of scientific theory and logic to mathematics within a social and financial framework. By considering collected data containing economic and production value, economists are able to intelligently discuss current economic trends and make predictions regarding future economic trends within a household, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent or world as a whole.

Economics coursework assists students in obtaining certain skills specific to the field. Individuals studying economics will learn proper research and analysis methods including data collection, analysis, and reporting. Coursework in economics helps students sharpen their critical thinking skills as well as their ability to recognize trends and patterns across various data sources.

Those with sufficient coursework or degrees in economics are prepared to enter the fields of banking, political consulting, transportation, manufacturing, non-profit organizations and government. Economists can also deal with personal finance and investment as well as serving as advisors for public policy.

To prepare for study in the area of economics, it is important to pursue advanced mathematical skills by taking classes such as trigonometry and calculus. Taking courses in history and government as well as logic and writing are also extremely beneficial. Economics courses rely heavily on skills and information obtained in these preparatory classes.