Physical Therapy Courses

To become a licensed physical therapist, a Master’s degree in physical therapy is required. Many individuals who study physical therapy complete Doctorate degrees in physical therapy. Some schools facilitate an easy transition from a Bachelor’s degree into a Doctorate degree program, bypassing the need to complete a Master’s degree, by ensuring that students have completed certain prerequisite classes prior to entering the Doctorate program. Many Doctoral programs in physical therapy can be completed in as little as two and a half years beyond the completion of the Bachelor’s degree.

To become a physical therapy assistant, it is important to complete a minimum of an Associate’s degree program in physical therapy. Some students find it useful to complete an Associate’s degree in physical therapy, then pursue further education once employed in the physical therapy field. Experience as a physical therapy assistant can bolster a physical therapy resume and an advanced physical therapy degree program application.

Advanced physical therapy degree programs tend to be highly competitive, so it is important to apply oneself to studying at the undergraduate level in preparation for application for advanced study. Generally, advanced degree programs require completion of courses such as organic chemistry, physiology, anatomy, statistics, calculus, psychology and physics with a grade point average of 3.3 or higher.