Psychology Continuing Education Credits

Online education has grown tremendously in recent years, as both students and educators realize the vast potential of this medium as a learning tool. Social workers looking for credits in psychology have the option of registering for classes online and using the Internet for research as well as for taking tests. Materials can be sent to the home or office and used for self study.

Psychology CEUs from Certified Instructors

State certification requires that psychologists get their instruction in continuing education from accredited instructors. This could include a college or university, or a licensed private instructor. Each course will count toward a certain amount of units. Online registration will start the process electronically.

Audio and video tapes, books, and online articles cover the latest information in order to update the student's knowledge. In this way, the student can have easy access to experts in the various fields of psychology without leaving the comfort of the home or office. Many people also enjoy the freedom afforded by self study, wherein the distractions of the classroom are not a factor.

Of course, some online programs include seminars and workshops that offer helpful group experiences. The choices available give the student many options in how, when, and where they learn the material. Anything that can be learned in a classroom can be learned online, with the proliferation of good quality continuing education programs for the student of psychology.