Social Science Degrees

Social science degrees cover a wide variety of topics that tie into humanity and its social behavior. Coursework may include subjects such as anthropology, biology, statistics, politics, economics, behavioral science, history, and religious studies. This coursework prepares social scientists to collect and analyze data to ultimately create recommendations for social policy change, fill in the missing details of history and/or educate the public on the current state of affairs.

A person with a degree in social science may hold a job related to government, archaeology, geography, special interest groups, anthropology, business or history. Some people, as they begin coursework in social science, notice they are attracted more to one particular subset of social science, such as behavioral science or political science. These people may opt to pursue education that falls more within their specific line of interest, and so plan to enter a more specific line of work once their coursework is complete.

Social Science Degrees Offer Many Career Choices

No matter which type of social science degree is pursued, a broad social science degree or a specialized social science degree, the degree holder is well equipped to begin working in a growing field upon graduation. Because the career opportunities vary widely, salaries also vary widely across different career subsets within the social science field. If you enjoy studying people, politics, behavior, history and culture, you’re likely to find satisfaction in pursuing a social science degree!